Llandovery / Llanymddyfri is a thriving community rural community steeped in history. Twm Sian Cati, Physicians of Myddfai, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan, The Drovers, Rhys Pritchard, William Williams are just a few of the names from a millenium of history.

At the heart of the community lies Ysgol Gyfun Pantycelyn (secondary school )built in 1896, serving Llandovery and the surrouding villlages of Rhandirmwyn, Myddfai, Cilycwm, Llangadog, Llanwrda, Halfway, Trecastle, Cynghordy, Siloh, Porthyrhyd and many smaller hamlets.

The school educates approximately 400  pupils taking feeds mainly from Rhys Pritchard and Cilycum Junior schools.  The school attracts professionals to settle in the commuinity which offers a beautiful rural environment with many local facilities. While some commute to Brecon, Cardiff, Newport, Carmarthen and Swansea many have established business offering a range of services such as shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants, pubs, doctors, surgery  dentists, otpicians, hospital, police station, fire station, lawyers, banks, builders, plumbers, electricians, architects, computer professionals and more. The rugby club, swimming pool, playfields are used by both school and community.

Take away a school and as well as losing bi-lingual accessible education an exodus of professionals begins. Businesses start to close, due to reduction in revenue and profit. Part time services start to shut down. Local facilities like swimming pools become under utilized.  The rot sets in, people move out, more services close.... then the train doesn't stop any more.

Britain and the rest of the world are in the midst of an economic crisis. The local council will tell you it's purely an educational issue.  Clearly it's not. Now add the impact on the environment, the increased carbon foot print, the huge costs of bussing 400 children every day 20 miles away - that's over one hour's journey for some children, the increased stress, the increased health and safety risks to our children on the notorious A40 road .  All these issues are in direct conflict with local and national policy.

There are NO confirmed plans to close Ysgol Gyfun Pantycelyn and having read the above we want you - the tax payer, the electorate - to support our campaign to keep the Sixth Form and to say NO to any suggestion of closure.

Here, we will help you stay informed with the latest information on the preservation of our school - the facts, the truth, not the rumours or gossip.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.  Your views and support are highly valued.
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