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The Ysgol Pantycelyn Action Group obtained via Mr. Nick Bourne’s office the following reply from Mr. Robert Sully/director of CCC Education Dept

“We received confirmation from the Welsh Assembly Government in February of this year of an allocation of capital grant funding of £23.7 million towards the infrastructure development needs of the Dinefwr tri-level reform initiative to transform secondary phase education in this region of Carmarthenshire. This allocation, made under Tranche 3 of the transitional 21st Century Schools Programme, is for the construction of a new secondary school to replace the present Tregib and Pantycelyn secondary schools.
 With the announcement of this funding and the more recent announcement by the Assembly Government last week of additional funding for other elements of the Dinefwr transformation programme we are now in a position to move forward to statutory procedures to reconfigure schools in the region. We intend to begin an extensive formal programme of consultation across the region from May onwards.
 This follows extensive informal consultation carried out in 2009 during which the County Council made its intentions known.”

Bearing in mind the press release of CCC this week in the South-Wales Guardian the need for everybody to attend the formal Public Consultations during May 2011 is paramount.
The fact that a necessary investigation of the impact the closure of the school will have on the community in a rural area, house prices, services and also carbon footprint of round school journeys of 50 miles, businesses etc. has still not taken place, is not acceptable.
We are very concerned that although the final consultation has not started yet, the local authority are putting this information out into the public domain. This to us shows how determined they are. At the same time though all is not lost as once again it very clearly shows the entire school reorganisation is not in order to deliver better education, but a mere cost saving exercise. Let us not forget though how much money has already been wasted! Money that should and could have been put in place for delivering adequate (or in their words “21st century education”) and with adequate school resources for every single pupil.

We therefore urge you all to stand together with our Action Group for our children’s sake: THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!
Thank you:



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